When I’m 94…

By Philip Hambly

From our patient letter the "Pain Free You"

Last updated on January 27, 2021

If you got to 64 in the 1960s, you were a bit of an outlier.

From birth, people of this generation could hope for on average only 50 years of life.

Admittedly that figure includes a high level of infant and child mortality. Nonetheless, in that era sixty was properly old. After retiring, you could expect only a few more years before the grim reaper gave you a call.

Now in most developed countries, life expectancy is around 80 years.

That is quite a jump. It makes you wonder what the limit is.

According to the Bible we may have some way to go. Noah was 950 when he died. There is a target to aim at!

Being obsessed with the length of our lives is understandable. But grinding out a vast number of years is pretty pointless if you are in pain and miserable.

Unfortunately, while modern living conditions keep us alive, they are hostile to our physical wellbeing. Our environment is devoid of pathogens, toxins and is generally safe.

But the vital stress from movement is ever diminishing. What keeps us loose and comfortable is moving around. The less we move, the more we tighten up.

The ease and convenience of urban life, where almost every human need can be satisfied from a phone, is the root of chronic pain.

To live comfortably into old age, you have to counter this tendency to become immobile. That is why your Osteopath is always nagging you about doing the right sort of exercise.

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