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Last updated on January 27, 2021

Child in safety gear

Rarely a problem in Thailand for sure.

But I've just got back from a visit to the UK. There it's definitely an issue.
Thanks to great efforts over many years Britain has become one of the safest places on earth.
Murder rates.
Road deaths.
Accidents at work.
House fires.
Child mortality.
All are at world beatingly low levels.

But would you know that when you visit?

Not at all. You are bombarded with safety warnings.

A glance at the BBC news will give the impression you have stepped into a war zone.
Any false move and you're going to die.
The safety industry has become an unstoppable monster. Its minions need ever-more work to justify their existence.

An example from our business.
UK Osteopaths can't treat patients without getting their written concent for the treatments they intend to use. Patients have to be informed of the risks of each procedure.
The Osteopath also has to prepare a structured treatment plan that the patient must consent to.
That's fair enough if our treatment had any significant risks.
But we aren't performing open heart surgery.

In crude terms, almost nobody dies at the Osteopaths.
It's just my biased opinion, but I reckon you are probably safer on one of our treatment tables than you are sitting at home. Certainly less at risk than when driving your car or crossing the road.

But my UK colleagues are required to subject their patients to mounds of paperwork before any treatment can start. Some have to use the entire first visit to form-filling. Crazy!
The effect of this over the top approach is to put people off Osteopathy. They will turn to more hazardous treatments. Like anti-inflammatory medication ( around 3000 deaths per year in the US alone), surgery, or less regulated alternatives.

I don't envy my British Osteopath friends or their clients.
Luckily here in Thailand, we can bring you the best of both worlds.
Our thorough British training keeps you safe.
But with no overzealous bureaucracy that wastes your time.

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Philip Hambly