From our patient letter  "Pain Free News"

Last updated on January 27, 2021

Man on Couch

We never had to think about movement in ancient times. Moving a lot was necessary just to stay alive. Avoiding doing too much was the main problem then.

But over the years the world has changed.

Now we can organise our whole lives from a chair in front of a computer. Or using a phone, lying in bed.

Very easy, very comfortable, and Killing us!

Moving around is as vital to our health as water or food. But we don't crave it. In the harsh primaeval world of our ancestors, too much activity meant the risk of exhaustion, fatigue and death. We have an instinct to avoid too much exercise that helped us to survive those tough times in prehistory.

Instincts drive humans just like any other beastie. But unlike other animals, we now have the ability to change our environment on a grand scale. Our building and technology reflect our subconscious drives.

We crave sugar,  so now sugar is available everywhere!

We instinctively avoid movement so we are gradually eliminating it from our lives.

Yes, the world has changed, but our 2 million-year-old instincts are still in charge.

The automatic systems that kept us healthy are now failing because we are not moving enough. The "diseases of civilisation" like heart disease, back pain, arthritis, obesity, cancer are epidemics. We are becoming a sick species.

It's a mess!

How do we solve this? The answer is simple but not easy . You have got to fight those ancient, lazy instincts, get out there and get active! Do some exercise today and triumph over movement starvation.

Philip Hambly