From our patient letter  "Pain Free News"

Last updated on January 27, 2021

 The price you pay for enjoying yourself - or punishment for losing control?

Hangovers were not infrequent when I was younger. At university in the UK during the eighties drinking too much was almost compulsory. And a crippling hangover was often the result.

How many times did I say "never again"?!

Only to repeat the same mistake

It's as if the universe is having a joke at your expense. Having the best time of your life the night before. Then waking to a fair impression of hell on earth the morning after.

Patients sometimes get a similar rude awakening the day after their first treatment.

Not that treatment is always enjoyable. But many people get little euphoric when a persistent pain starts to ease.

So you feel great walking out...

But the next day the morning greets you with the same old nasty pain. Or a different worse pain. It's as if the treatment didn't work at all.

But hold your horses.

Don't press the panic button just yet...

Stick it out for a day or two and something semi-magical can take place. The dark clouds break, and the sun comes out again. You start to feel much better. As good as you did right after the treatment.

 I've seen this happen many times. But it's definitely not what you expect.

 It's certainly not the way we want things to happen.

 Just  a weird trick your system sometimes plays after Osteopathic treatment.

Philip Hambly