From our patient letter  "Pain Free News"

Last updated on January 27, 2021

Funny but also tragic.

The way political leaders stand solemnly at events, such as the D-day commemoration. Looking sad and remorseful, lamenting the tragedy of war.

Then shortly afterwards, they are weaseling around trying to start another one!

Bombing Syria

Invading Iran

Confronting China perhaps

It seems our politicians aren't troubled by long term memories

But then they don't have to do the fighting

In Ancient Greece, it was different. If you voted for war, you weren't sending someone else to risk their lives.

You were going yourself.

"Have you forgotten yet" is the first line of "Aftermath" a poem written by WW1 survivor Siegfried Sassoon. It movingly highlights our tendency to lose sight of the lessons of history. Which inevitably leads to making the same mistakes again and again.

And it is not just military battles where amnesia rules.

Many people act as if they are at war with their own bodies.

Like they have to beat it into submission.

Every exercise session becomes a contest where your will has to prevail over the reluctant flesh.

The unavoidable consequence of continually pushing to the limit?

Something gives. You get injured and have to stop.

But once the pain subsides do you change your approach? Adopt a lighter, more sustainable, healthier program.

Or go straight back to beating yourself up?

Take the first option, and you won't be needing our services much.

Choose the second, and we'll be seeing a lot of each other!

This is a clip of Charles Dance reading Aftermath

Philip Hambly