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The Back Pain Paradox

The Back Pain ParadoxI found this question on Quora  the other day: What do you think is the most paradoxical thing in life? There were some nice replies. For instance  “Everyone will have something to say about the choices that you make, but nobody actually cares” It got me thinking about the paradoxes people run into […]

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Stronger But Weaker?

Stronger But Weaker​ Mr GB’s story illustrates a common misconception about back pain.At the beginning of 2016, GB noticed a pain in the middle of his back after playing football. He doesn’t remember anything bad happening during the game. He could have twisted awkwardly or taken a knock. Anyway, the pain was there but not huge […]

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Stalinist Sciatica

Stalinist SciaticaAs well as murdering millions Stalin also messed with scientific progress when he ruled Russia.You probably haven’t heard of Nicolai Bernstein. He was a self-taught genius who invented biomechanics and pioneered the study of human movement.One of my heroes.It is unbelievable now, but even physiology was political in those dark days. Bernstein’s work conflicted […]

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