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RSI Expressway Hero

Here in Bangkok, there are elevated roads called Expressways. You pay a toll to use them.Working at the toll gates is a terrible job. Staff sit for hours on end reaching out of a window with their right arm to grab cash being paid by drivers. Very repetitive. The same movement again and again. Many of the staff […]

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Tense, Nervous, Brexit Headache?

Mass hysteria in the UK about the Brexit vote. The Remainers are devastated by losing. Nobody knows what will happen to the country. The news is full of doom-laden predictions, families at war, and racist attacks. When your stress levels are maxing out, headaches are often the result. It’s a primaeval reaction. Not helpful today, but it […]

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Medical language: how about English?

Do you speak Medical Language? I like to help my patients understand their problems. But there is a drawback. If I explain using the correct medical terminology I have to use a language that they do not understand. Medical language is a hybrid borrowing heavily from latin and also Greek. Is it intended to be […]

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