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Too Much Safety?

Too Much Safety?Rarely a problem in Thailand for sure.But I’ve just got back from a visit to the UK. There it’s definitely an issue.Thanks to great efforts over many years Britain has become one of the safest places on earth.Murder rates.Road deaths.Accidents at work.House fires.Child mortality.All are at world beatingly low levels.But would you know […]

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New Fees July 2018

From July 1 2018 our fees will be as follows:​Appointment Type​Duration/minutes​Fee/ ฿First Appointment60​2900​Follow-Up Appointment​30​1800Double Follow-Up Appointment602900NEW>>> Four Appointments306800 ​NEW >>>Ten Appointments3016200 ​NEW >>>Four Double Appointments6010900​ NEW>>> Ten Double Appointments6026100​

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