Tya Writer Consultant Nutritionist

When I first moved to Bangkok, my physical well being was at an all time low. After a life time of engaging in physically demanding sports with very little regard to proper alignment, foundational support, or mindful recovery from numerous blows / injuries, my body -- in particular, my knees -- finally decided to "object".

"...excruciating pain, weakness, and chronic swelling in both knees, the simple act of walking was painful..."

With a Bursitis in my left knee and excruciating pain, weakness, and chronic swelling in both knees, the simple act of walking was painful / challenging; and ascending or descending stairs was virtually impossible. A good friend of mine who is an avid athlete, recommended that I make an appointment to see  Phil; which I did! I instantly was drawn to his vast knowledge base and holistic approach.

I was very familiar with Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage etc., but was new to Osteopathy. Phil was always happy to explain his process and answer any questions. The treatments themselves involved a series of manual manipulations which often felt like a gentle pinching, rolling, kneading and pulling of the skin and underlying tissue / nerves. Although the treatments often invoked strong sensations in my body, they were certainly not overwhelming; and for me it was simply confirmation that "balance" was being restored!

"...for me it was simply confirmation that "balance" was being restored!"

I received weekly treatments from Dr. Phil for a year; and they were always administered with the utmost professionalism, attention, and consideration. To "undo, correct and restructure" 30 years of tissue / muscle memory and misalignment is no small task. The process has been slow and steady; and has required vigilance, diligence, and patience.

Presently, I am fully recovered in terms of my mobility; however, what is most exciting to me is, honoring the tremendous transformation that I have experienced, and engaging in activities that support my knees and body in a way that are resulting in ever greater, strength and balance! I can wholeheartedly say that I would not be where I am today without the treatments and insights that I received and gained, from  Phil. I am sincerely and eternally grateful to him and the Osteopath Center.