“Pain swelling and weakness in both knees”


When I first moved to Bangkok, my physical well-being was at an all-time low. After a lifetime of engaging in physically demanding sports with very little regard to proper alignment, foundational support, or mindful recovery from numerous blows/injuries, my body -- in particular, my knees -- finally decided to "object".

"...excruciating pain, weakness, and chronic swelling in both knees, the simple act of walking was painful..."
With a Bursitis in my left knee and excruciating pain, weakness, and chronic swelling in both knees, the simple act of walking was painful/challenging; and ascending or descending stairs was virtually impossible. A good friend of mine who is an avid athlete recommended that I make an appointment to see Phil; which I did! I instantly was drawn to his vast knowledge base and holistic approach.

I was very familiar with Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage etc., but was new to Osteopathy. Phil was always happy to explain his process and answer any questions. The treatments themselves involved a series of manual manipulations which often felt like a gentle pinching, rolling, kneading and pulling of the skin and underlying tissue/nerves. Although the treatments often invoked strong sensations in my body, they were certainly not overwhelming; and for me, it was simply confirmation that "balance" was being restored!

"...for me, it was simply confirmation that "balance" was being restored!"
I received weekly treatments from Dr Phil for a year; and they were always administered with the utmost professionalism, attention, and consideration. To "undo, correct and restructure" 30 years of tissue/muscle memory and misalignment is no small task. The process has been slow and steady; and has required vigilance, diligence, and patience.

Presently, I am fully recovered in terms of my mobility; however, what is most exciting to me is, honoring the tremendous transformation that I have experienced, and engaging in activities that support my knees and body in a way that are resulting in ever greater, strength and balance! I can wholeheartedly say that I would not be where I am today without the treatments and insights that I received and gained, from Phil. I am sincerely and eternally grateful to him and the Osteopath Center.

Tya - Consultant Nutritionist

“Family treatment”


My family has visited Bangkok Osteopath Centre on several occasions; me and my wife had been both suffering from chronic neck and head tension for several years, and our newborn child had some neck and back stress preventing him from sleeping after having been hospitalized for several days after his birth. Both Nancy and Philip did a fantastic job in healing our ailments.

The clinic is well located, professional and clean. My wife's neck pain which she had felt for almost five years went away after a few sessions, and my six-month son who was crying frequently after his return from hospital, calmed down after a 45mn relaxing back treatment. These were the first few times we tried Osteopathic treatments and we do not regret it, so I would strongly recommend Osteopathy over medications.

Jerome, Wasana and James

“Back pain for two years”


I had been suffering with constant back and leg pain for over two years. I decided to try an osteopathic solution rather than going to see a chiropractor.and areas that aren't functioning fully in the body, by touch alone

After being treated by Philip Hambly over a very short time span I have been pain free for some months now. The treatment is gentle and the results are extremely beneficial, many thanks.

Paul Stekla

“Long-term back pain”


I had suffered from back problems since I was 17, and almost 30 years later developed an acute pain in one side of my back that lasted for months. A friend suggested I try an osteopath, so I visited the clinic.Philip tried various things which did not at first work, but after about the third visit, the chronic pain suddenly and completely vanished. I was astonished and then jumped around and hurt it again, but after another treatment, the pain again disappeared.

That was a couple of years ago, and my back has only acted up once (and briefly) since, whereas previously I would´ve regularly been in severe pain to the point of not being able to stand up without help. My quality of life has vastly improved, and I can be far more active than since I was a child.

Debra Efroymson

“Neck pain and headaches”


I was suffering from persistent upper back and neck pain, which was probably made worse by regular computer use. As well as being painful in itself, this tension and stiffness was also causing regular headaches.

After visiting Nancy at the Osteopath Centre in Bangkok, the flexibility in my neck and back immediately started to improve and the frequency and severity of my headaches also began to reduce. If you are having back and neck pains then I’d definitely recommend giving it a try.

Joe Fylan

“On the mend”


Thank you for to the treatment, after months of pain I finally feel reassured and on the mend. A beautiful clinic with knowledgable staff. Thank you especially to Nancy for the treatment and I look forward to seeing you again.

Yumi Jhun



Four years ago I was struck down with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a rare auto-immune illness that resulted in total paralysis of my body, severe muscle wastage and nerve damage in my feet, legs and arms. After nearly 10 months of treatment rehabilitation I was fortunate enough to be able to walk again unaided but continued to suffer chronic pain all over my body and any slight strain would cause back problems and impede my range of movement. I had been recommended Philip Hambly and his wife Nancy's Osteopath Centre and I sought out their help.
For over a year I had weekly treatments where Philip commenced treatment on my back to ease the pain and re-align the muscles, this in turn, gave me more flexibility in my legs. The next stage was working on my neck and arms and then onto the legs and feet to loosen the tightly compacted muscles and nerves. Constant manipulation of the feet slowly brought back feeling and movement I feared I would never regain.
The expertise of the Osteopath Centre is beyond reproach. Philip knew of my illness and could diagnose exactly the route of each problem. Not only did each session result in immediate pain relief, but immediate improvement in my level of movement and flexibility. In addition to the physical treatment, Philip offered advice and suggestions on exercise for me to take forward. He was also an incredible psychological support when I didn't know where else to turn in the aftermath of such a hideously traumatic illness.

I am so grateful to Philip and Nancy for all the support they have given which went above and beyond pure osteopathy treatment, I was very fortunate to have found them and I can never thank them enough for what they have done for me. I have recommended friends and colleagues to their practice and everyone I know that has sought treatment at the Osteopath Centre, whether it be back problems, sports or other injuries, has met with immediate relief and speedy recovery. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you, Philip and Nancy.