From our patient letter  "Pain Free News"

Last updated on January 27, 2021

Some aspects of our service are just not good enough:

1) Lack Of Clinic Equipment
Many patients are taken aback by the absence of machines that go "beep" in our practice. Those that want to be strapped in and left alone with some mechanical treatment device will be disappointed. We have no lasers, ultrasound or TENs. Nor anything that hums or has a display of LEDs. Sorry.

2) Bad Business Model

Lovers of efficient business methods are often shocked when they visit us. Instead of making up scary reasons for why patients should come back every week for the rest of their lives, we try to get them better! Not only that. We give advice on exercises and lifestyle changes that help reduce future visits. It's the economics of the mad house!

3) Same Boring Face Every Visit

Our more sociable patients become easily bored by always seeing the same Osteopath every time they come for treatment. Some clinics change their staff around frequently giving their clients the excitement of meeting new people. And the opportunity to explain their problem afresh each time they attend. Another regrettable omission at the Osteopath Centre.

4) No TV!

A loud TV showing game shows or soap operas creates a relaxing atmosphere in most Thai medical establishments. Perversely we deny our patients the therapeutic benefits these amusing shows. Just irritating peace and quiet at the Osteopath Centre, I'm afraid.

5) Absence Of Company In The Waiting Area

Practices with a "turn up and wait" policy always have a great atmosphere in the waiting room. Plenty of time to chat and have a laugh with all the other people waiting hours for treatment. But at the Osteopath Centre our well-organised appointment system means you hardly see anyone else long enough to get to know them properly.
Another fail!

Philip Hambly