From our patient letter  "Pain Free News"

Last updated on January 27, 2021

Miner finds gold

The richest gold seam in history!
That's what R.U. Darby found in the Colorado gold rush.
But he ended up going home broke and selling all his mining equipment for scrap.

How come?

The first loads of ore dug from his claim yielded record-breaking quantities of gold. Darby and his associates were jubilant, sure that they would soon be rich beyond their wildest dreams. They bought drilling equipment to follow the seem deeper and set to work. But as they dug down, disaster struck. Their super fat seam disappeared. Though they carried on digging, desperately hoping to find it again, they never did.The team gave up the hopeless quest and sold the mining gear to pay for their return journey.

On a whim the scrap dealer who bought the equipment got an engineer to survey the mine. The expert said that the seam had vanished due to a fault line. The survey correctly predicted the place where it continued. It was just 3 feet from where Darby had given up!

The dealer ended up making millions of dollars from the mine.

The point of this tale, dear reader?

Well, I assure you that the Osteopath Centre isn't a gold mine! But Osteo treatment often follows an unpredictable path, like a fault-riddled gold seam.Many times initial progress is spectacular then it levels off or goes backwards for a while.To us this is normal. It's the way a real recovery proceeds. But for you the patient it takes some faith in the process to carry on when nothing much seems to be happening.The reward for sticking around? The chance to bust through the last three feet of dirt and reach that pain-free gold!

Philip Hambly