Four years ago I was struck down with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a rare auto-immune illness that resulted in total paralysis of my body, severe muscle wastage and nerve damage in my feet, legs and arms. After nearly 10 months of treatment rehabilitation I was fortunate enough to be able to walk again unaided but continued to suffer chronic pain all over my body and any slight strain would cause back problems and impede my range of movement. I had been recommended Philip Hambly and his wife Nancy's Osteopath Centre and I sought out their help.

For over a year I had weekly treatments where Philip commenced treatment on my back to ease the pain and re-align the muscles, this in turn gave me more flexibility in my legs. The next stage was working on my neck and arms and then onto the legs and feet to loosen the tightly compacted muscles and nerves. Constant manipulation of the feet slowly brought back feeling and movement I feared I would never regain.

The expertise of the Osteopath Centre is beyond reproach. Philip knew of my illness and could diagnose exactly the route of each problem. Not only did each session result in immediate pain relief, but immediate improvement in my level of movement and flexibility. In addition to the physical treatment, Philip offered advice and suggestions on exercise for me to take forward. He was also an incredible psychological support when I didn't know where else to turn in the aftermath of such a hideously traumatic illness.

I am so grateful to Philip and Nancy for all the support they have given which went above and beyond pure osteopathy treatment, I was very fortunate to have found them and I can never thank them enough for what they have done for me. I have recommended friends and colleagues to their practice and everyone I know that has sought treatment at the Osteopath Centre, whether it be back problems, sports or other injuries, has met with immediate relief and speedy recovery. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you Philip and Nancy.

Yumi Jhun

Thank you for to the treatment, after months of pain I finally feel reassured and on the mend. A beautiful clinic with knowledgable staff. Thank you especially to Nancy for the treatment and I look forward to seeing you again.