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​We are Phil and Nancy,

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Osteopathy - A Unique Approach To Complex Pain

​Osteopaths specialise in complex physical problems like back pain. We use a unique diagnostic system to find the root cause of  your pain.

Our palpation skills enable us to "read" abnormal patterns of tension like a map. This  guides us to the places that need treatment. 

Chronic problems are often maintained by non-painful areas which are easily missed.   Our tension map helps us find the underlying causes  of your painAnd that improves your chance of getting better

Joe Fylan

I was suffering from persistent upper back and neck pain, which was probably made worse by regular computer use. As well as being painful in itself, this tension and stiffness was also causing regular headaches.

"...the frequency and severity of my headaches also began to reduce"

After visiting Nancy at the Osteopath Centre in Bangkok, the flexibility in my neck and back immediately started to improve and the frequency and severity of my headaches also began to reduce. If you are having back and neck pains then I’d definitely recommend giving it a try.

Debra Efroymson

I had suffered from back problems since I was 17, and almost 30 years later developed an acute pain in one side of my back that lasted for months. A friend suggested I try an osteopath, so I visited the clinic.Philip tried various things which did not at first work, but after about the third visit, the chronic pain suddenly and completely vanished. I was astonished and then jumped around and hurt it again, but after another treatment, the pain again disappeared.

"My quality of life has vastly improved..."

That was a couple of years ago, and my back has only acted up once (and briefly) since, whereas previously I would´ve regularly been in severe pain to the point of not being able to stand up without help. My quality of life has vastly improved, and I can be far more active than since I was a child.

Your First Appointment

  • Pre treatment consultation, where we ask you about the history of your problem, other injuries you may have had and any relevant health or lifestyle factors.
  • A physical examination where we can link your verbal account to the physical state of your body
  • Hands-on treatment with a range of gentle but effective techniques. Including soft tissue massage, muscle energy technique, joint articulation and manipulation

Don't Delay Your Recovery Any Longer!

If you've tried medication, tried rest, tried exercises... tried everything  and are still getting nowhere - you need Osteopathy. For stubborn, persistent pain our powerful  diagnostic system and individually tailored treatment plans work where off-the-peg answers often fail. 

Paul Stekla Teacher

I had been suffering with constant back and leg pain for over two years. I decided to try an osteopathic solution rather than going to see a chiropractor.

"The treatment is gentle and the results are extremely beneficial..."

I was desperately looking for an Osteopath in Bangkok, who could seriously assess and relieve my lower back and leg pain. My own internet research suggested that an Osteopath’s aim is to "tune up" your body making it balanced and more efficient. They are able to detect abnormalities and areas that aren't functioning fully in the body, by touch alone

After being treated by Philip Hambly over a very short time span I have been pain free for some months now. The treatment is gentle and the results are extremely beneficial, many thanks.